Crest understands that in a crowded Fashion and Garment Sector, innovative solutions and speed to market are vital to success. A fast, seamless, responsive and integrated supply chain is a mission-critical component of the fashion industry. Our deep understanding of the supply chain requirements for the fashion industry has been gained from our long-standing partnerships with our customers, suppliers and all stakeholders which enables us to design supply chain models suited to the specifics of the buyer. This is linked with our E-commerce fulfilment process to link buyers, suppliers, and sea/air carriers, warehouses and all 3PL in the supply chain.

Our Expert Fashion Logistics team is headed by an Industry veteran who has provided tailor-made solutions for over two decades including designing specialized “Hangertainers”, as early as the 1990s, for the British carrier P & O. We guarantee industry’s shortest transit times & offer multiple carrier frequency (with at least 3-5 sailings a week). We do textiles, apparels, sports goods, in various modes e.g. transport in Flat packs, or FCL/FCL or Port to Port or Door to door, buyer consolidations, and various other combinations.

Our competitive advantages and value-added services to our Fashion, Garment buying importers in North America, Latin America & Europe include:

  1. PO Management & DSR (Daily Status Report)
  2. Garments on Hanger
  3. Vendor Assembling
  4. Buyer Consolidation
  5. Vendor Management and Compliance
  6. Multi-Country Consolidations
  7. Express Air Freight (Red Carpet and Premium Shop Concept)
  8. Sea-Air or Air-Sea Option via Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai Free Trade Zone
  9. Warehousing, Value additions & Distribution
  10. BAR Coding, Quality Platform with 24-hour CCTV
  11. Lock & Key Security with QC Services
  12. Sophisticated Return Goods’ Solutions

We understand your business may require personalized solutions.

Contact us for a custom supply chain solution developed to the specifics of your requirement.
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