Ocean Freight

Special carrier contracts and global ocean-freight delivery meet the needs of all industry requirements with the best value

Air Freight

Meeting the needs of time and speed with daily airfreight departures for any commodity that requires fast delivery

Rail Freight

Connecting the corridors within Europe and North America, and from China to Europe with our exclusive Rail Partnerships to offer fast, secure, stable, and punctual delivery with a low carbon footprint

Freight Management

Connectivity solutions for online-visibility, easy payment, purchase order management, and spot rates for technology that improves your business’s supply chain efficiency

Multimodal Freight

Combined freight solutions providing the fastest turnaround times and low transit periods so your shipments are delivered when you need it

Bulk Chartering

Leading certified organic dry bulk carrier to North America & Mediterranean from Indian Sub continent

Freight Derivatives & Hedging

In a volatile market, Our Futures Freight Agreements offer customers the ability to manage their freight risk

Certified Organic SCM

Offering over 560,000 sq ft of Organic Certified Warehousing to maintain Organic Integrity in the Supply Chain Management & implement strict measures on Organic import compliance to meet USDA AMS, NOP standards & compliance

River Barging

We’ve extended our logistics capabilities to encompass river barging to provide solutions that bring greater supply chain resilience and reduce costs at the lowest environmental footprint of all cargo forwarding methods

Core Values


Crest forges strategic partnerships so we can offer you greater operational efficiency and value.


Our experts are committed to providing the best supply chain insights with around the clock service to support your business.


Whether you are a multinational company or a local startup, Crest offers personalised solutions so your business can grow.


First in Class Supply Chain Solutions Powered By Technology to Increase Resilience, Improve Efficiency and Drive Growth.

Supply chain management

We work with clients to build resilient supply chains to meet business goals. Our commitment to managing your entire supply chain enables reduced costs, improved service levels, and greater operational efficiency in your business.

End to end services

Integrated technology solutions that enable your end-to-end solutions so you can properly plan, procure, manufacture, and deliver your goods to the doorstep.

PO order management

Purchase Order processing that provides continuous control of your shipment to prevent revenue loss and save costs from early or late delivery. Your business can build exception management processes to account for the reliability and predictability you need.

Ocean Freight

Freight solutions with special carrier contracts that improve cost savings. Whether you need to ship full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL) or project based non-containerised break bulk loads, we offer specialised services for lowest-cost intercontinental freight.

Air Freight

We’ve forged partnerships with reliable carriers and airlines to enable air freight cargo to be shipped safely, on time, and on budget. From charter services to multimodal sea-air, to compliance and documentation suppler, we offer air freight solutions that meet all your cargo needs.

Domestic Trucking

Road transport for end of mile delivery whether you have a single shipment, a few pallets or multiple full loads every week. From cold chain to temperature controlled solutions, we have trucking options for every requirement.

River Barging

We utilise the waterways of North America to offer the most efficient, safe and clean way to transfer your commodities. Our commitment to diversify our shipment methods enables us to create the best supply chain solutions for your business.


We offer the warehousing flexibility, storage and handling needed to support your business operations and demands. Crest ensures industry-specific warehousing solutions in the most cost-efficient way. From fulfilment to storage, to free-trade zone facilities, we’ve invested in the right warehousing infrastructure for you.


Crest improves your supply chain with efficient rail transport. Our unique relationships with North America railroad companies provides a high level of security, multimodal compatibility, economical, environmentally sustainable freight that is punctual.


Industry Solutions

of cargo

We’ve extended our logistics capabilities to encompass river barging to provide solutions that bring greater supply chain resilience and reduce costs at the lowest environmental footprint of all cargo forwarding methods.


Smart Freight. Technologically Driven.

At Crest Container Lines, technology empowers our clients with complete supply chain visibility and ease-of-booking. We believe solutions driven by data and amalgamated with human experience result in the most resilient supply chains and successful businesses. We’ve introduced 3 digital tools for greater business cohesion:


Invoice Visibility, Shipment Tracking and Bookings, Payment Gateway System and Support, all in one easy to use portal


VIP Membership Portal
coming soon.

Track Direct

Tracking sans log in for quick and easy viewing. Simply enter your HBL/MBL/Shipment Number


Market strength and network


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