At Crest Container Lines, we understand the unique requirements of agri -commodity supply chains. Our history of longstanding relationships with huge agri product buyers has enabled us to gain the knowledge required to provide solutions meeting the most important factors in agri logistics; per unit price, the need for continuous supply of large number of containers, and securing space on vessel in terms of TEU and weight. We are familiar with the optimization requirements of per TEU weight in our allocations and cater to this by having a mix of our other light cargo, thereby giving weight capacity to carry the heavy-weight cargo. We also meet the frequent needs of special heavy-duty containers, and for food/feed items, food grade containers.

We provide our customers with an edge in being competitive by offering special end to end logistics costs for seed grains, rice, soya, dry fruits & nuts as well as many other agricultural commodities.
Our many value-added services includes CO2/ other gas treatments, specialised / general fumigation, Insurance, Quality Inspection & Control etc. Our agri-logistics product is also complemented by:

  1. Origin / Destination specialized CFS services
  2. Rail Car transport in North America
  3. Transloading
  4. River Barging
  5. Temperature controlled cargo  – international & domestic
  6. Dry Reefer container transport
  7. SEZ Solution for storing imported goods

We understand your business may require personalized solutions.

Contact us for a custom supply chain solution developed to the specifics of your requirement.
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