We deliver innovative and integrated supply chain services to the large automotive industry, involving complex processes, for global outsourcing needed by automotive giants.

We integrate across the spectrum from very small to very large suppliers, of high precision high-value suppliers to large and heavy components. We cover comprehensive operations, ranging from planned procurement, warehousing, consolidation, transport and high visibility through our e-commerce solution. The global playing field of the automotive industry makes it susceptible to external changes in the Econo-political environment and marketplace. We ensure resilience by designing supply chains for the automotive industry that take into account all factors, and a pre-planned responsive system to get least affected by external factors.
We optimize the supply chain, in terms of costs speed, inventory management, and all- time visibility. We integrate all the vendors, buyer, and other 3 PL suppliers onto a common system driven platform for ease of working and visibility to all stakeholders.
Our growing volume of automotive cargo, and global automotive giants as our customers, is the evidence of our impeccable credentials in the field of Automotive parts supply chain logistics. Our Free Trade Zone warehouse (through our SBU) not only adds value as a bonded unit but also as a duty-free facility. 
Our strategic association with Rail companies in North America gives us added advantage and enables synergy between their resources and our processes for a seamless international operations that is combined with domestic services. Specifically we offer following value-added services:

  1. Vendor assembly
  2. Transloading and domestic transport in 53’ containers
  3. Geo Fencing and real time tracking alerts 
  4. Optimized reverse logistics

We understand your business may require personalized solutions.

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